Clacton Air Show

Just a little footage from this years Clacton Air Show, couldn’t stay for all of it, but great to see the last two flying Lancaster Bombers flying together, …

Clacton: Historic bombers will take to the skies for Clacton air show on
The town's air show is the premier tourist event on Tendring's calendar and the presence of the aircraft will be a major boost. The Lancasters are operated by the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. The Canadian …
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12 comments to Clacton Air Show

  • fepowson  says:

    Great sight Mike, Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Steves Outdoors NE  says:

    Great stuff Mike. We had the airshow in Sunderland a few week’s ago I have
    a video up but Its unlisted on my channel at the moment. I will set it so
    you can see it. ?

  • mack tightwad  says:

    A very rare sight ! two Avro Lancaster’s in the air at the same time, eight
    Merlin engines is a heavenly sound in my world and the roar of a Griffon
    engine of the Mk nineteen Spitfire are stunning, i had forgotten this show
    was on…?

  • Zed Outdoors  says:

    Amazing stuff, even after all these years theyre still going strong …the
    planes that is and not you Mike ;)) ~Peace~?

  • Forest Prepper  says:

    Nice one mike I haven’t been to a air show in years atb my freind FP?

  • Ginger Bruce  says:

    I have still yet to see the Clacton air show, I have always been working ,
    I would love to have seen the Vulcan and euro fighter ..may be next year ,
    but I don’t think we will see the Lancasters flying together again , thanks
    for sharing Mike?

  • Tee Campez  says:

    Thanks for showing us these iconic aircraft my friend.:)?

  • T.W. Milburn  says:

    ‘morning 2 ya, Mike; Many Thanks 4 sharing a wonderful display at your
    airshow. U did a wonderful job on filming this.I knew & saw the Lancaster
    up close & personal at a display a few years back with a Gentelman who flew
    on the Lanc’s back when. Never tired of the stories he had 2 tell us.
    Many, Many Thanks again for the Viewing.
    Happy Trails From The Maritimes In
    Canada ATB Terry
    ” GOD BLESS “?

  • NEKCanoeist  says:

    Very impressive Mike! Interesting story as well. I thought footage was
    great. Thanks for sharing!?

  • Prepman  says:

    Wow what a sight.i was at Biggin Hill today for work and they have a
    heritage hanger where they keep some old ww2 fighter planes and had a sneak
    Hopefully see you at the next meet??

  • Stag Man  says:

    Just warms the heart to see such beautiful aircraft in the air ?

  • Outlander Bushcraft  says:

    Good show mike thanks for sharing , those planes are part of history
    awesome atb Martin ?

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