Colchester Castle Museum

Castle Museum re-opened to the public after being closed for a major refurbishment.

ColchesterCastle ParkA new state of the art Museum has been installed, which will use the latest technology to give visitors a unique experience. An interactive hub, full-size burial reconstruction, audio and visual character stories and video projections will be included in the new-look Museum.

Much-needed repairs have also been made to the ancient building – which is coming up for its one-thousandth birthday!

The project will reveal more of the Castle’s historic interior, while brand-new displays will tell the 2,000-year story of Colchester in a fresh and exciting new way.


A new glass lift will help make more of the Castle accessible to wheelchair users.

Colchester Castle is the biggest Norman keep in Britain – in fact, at 46 x 33.5m,  it’s the biggest ever built by the Normans anywhere in Europe.

Colchester Castle in Colchester, Essex, England, is an example of a largely complete Norman castle. It is a Grade I listed building.
Address; Castle Park, Colchester,  CO1 1TJ

Find out why it was built, and more about the Castle’s functions, and fortunes, over its 1,000-year history.
Norman Conqueror William I wanted a stronghold on the strategic route between East Anglia and London: Colchester was the ideal place.

Building had begun by 1076, ten years after the Norman invasion, and the Castle was probably designed by Gundulf, Bishop of Rochester – the man responsible for the Tower of London’s White Tower.

Construction was supervised by the Norman aristocrat Eudo le Dapifer, who became the Castle’s steward after it was finished.

Though building work was halted in 1080 – possibly because of a threat of Viking invasion – Colchester Castle was completed in the early twelfth century.

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