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MercuryTheatreColchesterMercury theatre, Colchester is operated and maintained by Mercury Theatre Company. They developed Mercury theatre with the aim of providing the classical theatre work to the audience. They ensure the best quality work with individual and collective efforts. In Mercury theatre, all the shows performed and very well directed and production values and designs are also of the highest quality. The performance of the artist’s touches the human spirit. 

They also offer a wide range of theatre work with many schools and communities along with their in-house work. The collective efforts of the backstage workers enable the actors to perform on the stage. It is true that without teamwork no show is possible. A good teamwork leads the Mercury theatre on the way of providing award winning performances. The mutual respect among the artists and other staff allows the theatre to gain national acknowledgement. Theatre’s main aim is to perform on a national level. 

Mercury theatre artists are excellent in all kinds of performances like dance, drama, music and comedy. There are family shows and amateur shows also. The writers of the shows sometimes rewrite the classics to be staged in a new style. They are also expert in giving new shows to the audiences. In this way Mercury theatre is famous for its classic and contemporary shows along with new writings. 

Booking of tickets for the show can be done in advance through cash, cheque and many of the credit and debit cards are also accepted. Advance booking is always better because it avoids last minute hassles.  

From the center of the London there is only 1-hour drive to reach Mercury theatre. This makes it the must visit place for any art and theatre lover. From train it is very easy to reach there. Everyone who comes to Colchester must go to Mercury theatre, as it is a great experience to see the live artwork. 

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