Colchester Zoo new baby White Rhino

baby White Rhino

It’s a Boy!

 Colchester Zoo are pleased to announce that White Rhino, Cynthia, has given birth!

After a 16 month gestation period Cynthia finally gave birth to a male calf on the 11th July. Both mum and calf are doing extremely well and at three days old this strong calf is already to proving to be a handful for second time mum Cynthia!

Our young male has been given the name ‘Mabaso’, after the head game keeper at Colchester Zoo’s UmPhafa Reserve, Siboniso Michael Mabaso who sadly passed away last month. ‘Michael’ as he was known on the reserve, had been a part of the UmPhafa project since its start. He had an unrivalled knowledge of the area and took his job extremely seriously and was utterly dedicated to conservation.  As an endangered species the white rhino depends on the conservation work of people like Michael and so it is with great pleasure that we have named our calf in memory of him.

Mabaso is currently off show with mum whilst he gets used to his surroundings and over the coming weeks he will gradually be introduced to the outside and of course one year old Pembe who is very excited to have a playmate!

This is Colchester Zoo’s third successful white rhino calf and second from a natural breeding making us one of the top breeders for this species and it is hoped this success will continue in the future.

The white rhino is listed as near threatened on the IUCN red list. Due to the current poaching crisis this birth is vital to the survival of this species and Colchester Zoo is proud to be part of conserving this magnificent mammal.

Colchester Zoo’s charitable arm, Action for the Wild, supports a Rhino conservation project in the wild. To find out more or to donate please visit

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