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Essex Air Ambulance contacts:

For general information email:
For event, Press and website queries email:

T: 01787 221828
F: 01787 224267

Postal Address:
Essex Air Ambulance
The Business Centre
Earls Colne Business Park
Earls Colne

Registered Charity number: 1108989

The Lord Lieutenant of Essex, Lord Braybrook launched the Essex Air Ambulance Service on 1 July 1998, from the grounds of New Hall School in Chelmsford.

  • The helicopter used by Essex Air Ambulance Trust is an EC135 Eurocopter. This can transport up to two patients, two paramedics and one pilot together with a full life-support equipment.
  • The Air Ambulance has the ability to access remote parts of Essex quickly, bringing highly qualified paramedics and sophisticated life-saving equipment to a patient within the first few vital minutes of an emergency.
  • It is not affected by the ever-increasing traffic congestion on our busy roads and country lanes and is able to reach areas inaccessible to a land vehicle, such as in woods, on beaches, docks and golf courses
  • It is never more than eight minutes flying time from any one of the major hospitals in Essex flying at a speed of 160 miles per hour.

Operational seven days a week, the Air Ambulance flies on average 3-5 missions a day, and so far, over 6,000 missions have been flown since the service was commissioned.

  • The Essex Air Ambulance Trust is a registered charity and is not funded by either the NHS or Government. The total costs for this valuable life-saving service has to be found from charitable donations from the general public and local businesses.
  • The Essex Air Ambulance Trust needs in excess of £105,000 each month to keep the helicopter fully operational. The bottom line is, no money, no Air Ambulance!

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