Essex Tide times

Essex Tide Times

To calculate other high tides in Essex and on The Thames:

Walton on the Naze – same time as Harwich Harbour
Bradwell – add 21 minutes
Southend – add 50 minutes
Tilbury – add 1 hour, 15 minutes
London Bridge – add 2 hours, 10 minutes
Brightlingsea – add 23 minutes
Burnham-on-Crouch – add 42 minutes
Clacton – add 11 minutes
Felixstowe Pier – subtract 11 minutes
Wivenhoe – add 27 minutes
River Stour – Mistley – add 25 minutes

All information courtesy of Harwich Haven Authority:


Did you know?

The pull of the moon and sun are the main cause of tides on Earth but 100 other scientific factors affect the timing and height of tides.
Tide prediction is getting better all the time, and official tidal predictions are available up to two years in advance.
There is roughly 12 hrs 25 minutes between each high tide.
Especially high tides are called spring tides, but they have nothing to do with the season and actually occur twice a month. Spring tides also mean lower low water. The opposite to a spring tide is a neap tide.
“Did you know?” was collated with the help of

Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory

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