If you are an older person wishing to stay in your own home but finding it a bit of a struggle – Homesharing may be the answer….
What does Homesharing give you?
The security of having a responsible person in you home at nightHelp with everyday tasks


What do you give in return?
Accommodation in your home

A homely atmosphere


How does it work?
Homesharing works on the principle of an exchange for mutual benefit

We ask what you want and find a special person to meet your needs

We provide you with continuing support and help throughout


“It’s really comforting to know that there’s someone else in my house at night if I need any help”
What sort of people do we find for you?
Over 25 and responsibleUsually professional people sometimes from abroad

In full time work or study

With an interest in helping older people

How do we choose them?
We search for the person who is right for you

We interview them carefully

We check their references

You decide if you like them – if you don’t, we search again

“One of the great things about Homesharing is that I’ve been able to make new friends from the other side of the world without leaving my own sitting room”
What security do you have?
Personalised serviceOn-going monitoring to ensure that you are satisfied with the service

Rapid response to any problems

You can end the arrangement easily

We keep in touch with your family and other helpers

“Homesharing has given me the confidence to stay in my own home and allowed me to keep my independence”

How much will it cost?
We ask for a small monthly contribution

You receive ten hours help per week in return for the accommodation you give your helper – you do not pay them

“Homeshare has honestly been a godsend – a wonderful service for which we have been very grateful”
If you would like more information on Homesharing contact: Homeshare 45/46 East Stockwell Street Colchester  CO1 1SR Tel: (01206) 500410

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