North Street To Vicarage Lane Or Mill Lane A Public Right Of Way

Putting up fences blocking the footpath from North Street to Orlando Court has prompted applications to make this a public footpath.

North Street employed to appear like this (thanks to Google Maps and Google Earth for the photographs)


But in December 2012 trees and bushes had been cut back as I described in this post
Walton-on-the-Naze Residents Furious New Fences Block Footpath

and the result was


But last week, to prove you can never have sufficient fences, a new fence went up


Tony Strange has already created an application.

Pete Frost is collecting proof types for an application from North Street to Vicarage Lane. If you&#8217ve not observed Pete&#8217s exceptional weblog I recommend you take a appear, especially at &#8220FENCED OFF and CUT DOWN&#8220.  Pete is going to make an application from North Street to Vicarage Lane via Orlando Court.


When Frinton and Walton Town Council created the original application for footpath 48 the route applied for went from Mill Lane.  You can study all the footpath 48 documents I have.

Despite the fact that Pete is only going to apply for a footpath from North Street to Vicarage Lane others, like Rose Palmer (01255 677803), Mary Cook and myself are going to apply from North Street to Mill Lane, on the grounds that we have walked this.  We may also apply for the footpath to go along the sea wall in Mill Lane to the quay at Halls Boatyards, exactly where byway 45 utilised to run.

If you have walked all or portion of this route, and would like to see it opened up once more and created a public footpath you can help by filling in an evidence kind.

You must also draw the route you’ve walked  with a thin red penRight here is a map you can use.

To establish a footpath it is needed to demonstrate 20 years use.  Even so it is not required, as I comprehend it, for every particular person to either

  • employed all of the route
  • used their route for 20 years

It is just necessary to demonstrate the entire route has been utilized overall for 20 years.

If you would like to see the sea walls open to the public please assist. Blog

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