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St. John Ambulance is the UK’s leading First Aid, transport and Care charity. Its mission is to provide First Aid and medical support services, caring services in support of community needs and education, training and personal development to young people. Contact us

First Aid in the workplace:

First Aid at Work – Initial.
The First Aid at Work (statutory) course complies with the current Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981. Successful students receive certificates to show that they are qualified to be First Aiders in the workplace for the next three years.


Emergency Aid for Appointed Persons.
This course is ideal for smaller workplaces that present few health and safety risks, where a nominated person is required to take charge in the event of illness or accident. Fully qualified First Aiders in larger organisations can also benefit from additional support from Appointed Persons. This is especially relevant where the workplace may consist of many floors, or work is operated in shifts.

First Aid at Work – Requalification.
This course refreshes and updates the First Aid skills of those who need to renew their First Aid at Work (statutory) certificate and whose existing certificate is still valid. First Aiders whose certificates have expired must attend the full four-day First Aid at Work course.

Skills Update/Practice Session.
The course provides First Aiders in the workplace with an opportunity to practise and update their skills at any time during their three-year period as a qualified First Aider, so that they remain prepared for an emergency. We recommend that they attend at least once during this time, especially if First Aid incidents are rare in their workplace.

First Aid in Schools:

First Aid for School staff.

Emergency Aid in Schools.
This course covers emergency situations common in the school environment and is therefore ideal for teachers and other school support staff.

Emergency Aid for Appointed Persons (Schools)
This course is ideal for schools where a nominated person is required to take charge in the event of illness or accident.

First Aid for School children.

Young Lifesaver.
This course provides a basic introduction to First Aid for young people. The course gives students grounding in managing an incident and the most commonly needed First Aid skills.

Young Lifesaver Plus.
This course provides a advance training in First Aid for young people. St. John Ambulance believes that it is never too early to start learning First Aid and that all children should leave school with these vital skills.

900 Years of Service
St. John Ambulance is a modern, vigorous health care organisation with members in over 40 countries worldwide,
but its origins date back over 900 years to Jerusalem.

Clacton Division History


23 Jan 1926
A fundraising event was held at the Royal Hotel it was a mass Dance for St. John Ambulance Association. During the event two ceremonies were held one was to award the certificates for the qualified members and the other was to present Dr F K Houchin a gold mounted tobacco pouch and pipe for his invaluable service, and a silver cigarette case to appreciate Mr. Fredk Lock for all the work done.

02 February 1926
Clacton-on-Sea St. John Ambulance was officially formed with 21 qualified members

The ambulance was on loan to the division from the Clacton Pier Company. The use of the ambulance was free to take casualties to the local hospital but a charge of 30s would be required if the casualty was required to go to Colchester Hospital.
The ambulance could be sent for at Wells Garage, Jackson Road.

06 Feb 1926
The first General Meeting held at the Westcliff Hotel by the kindness of Mr. & Mrs. W Adams when Miss Fletcher commandant of the local Red Cross Society presided in the absence of Mr. E Kingsman.


12 April 1950
St. John Ambulance Cadet division was formed and the nursing cadet division was formed one week later on 19 April 1950

The ambulance cadet and nursing cadet divisions combined to become the combined cadet division on Saturday 01 January 2000

The division was required to take its ageing frontline emergency ambulance off the road, being ever resourceful the division decided to turn the ex ambulance into a mobile First Aid post. Because the St. John Ambulance is a charitable organization and not government funded, this has left the division without an operational ambulance.


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  • cheri Lazaro  says:

    Hello……I work for Alton Park Junior school and am part of their PTA team. I was hoping that we could get you to help us with our summer fete and come along to let the children and their families learn some basic essential first-aid skills.
    Would be really grateful if you can get back to me regarding this request, thanks in advance.

    Cheri Lazaro
    Alton Park Junior 01255 424 335

    • DougC  says:

      You would need to contact St John’s direct this is a website about Clacton
      good luck Doug

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