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Pilgrims’ Friend Society


Founded in 1807 as “The Aged Pilgrims’ Friend Society” and originally set-up to provide grants and pensions to needy elderly Christians, our ministry has grown so that we now have 16 schemes throughout England, providing a range of services for older people, from sheltered housing through to nursing and dementia care, as well as home-leave accommodation for missionary families.


Pilgrims’ Friend Society also provide other resources to Christians, including a range of books and other publications, conference seminars and our own conferences each year.

The Pilgrims’ Friend So...

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Walton Coastguard Station and Maritime Museum

Walton Old Light Boat HouseEach the old lifeboat station and the new coastguard building give a fascinating insight into the maritime history of Walton-on-the-Naze.Walton-on-the-Naze is residence to a busy coastguard and lifeboat station and has been due to the fact the 1880s. The records of lives and ships saved are engraved on plates surrounding the Lifeboat Residence.
Inside the days of pirate radio in the 1960s, the Walton lifeboat was frequently known as out to pirate radio ships in distress. Two of your most effective recognized, Radio Caroline and Radio London, were each moored off the North Essex Coast.
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John Weston Nature Reserve

This reserve is situated near the finish in the Walton on the Naze and can be reached along the public footpath that stretches along the cliff tops in the Naze Tower. The reserve is owned by the Essex Wildlife Trust.

This Essex Wildlife Trust reserve lies inside the Naze public open space. An location for blackthorn, bramble thickets and rough grassland it is home to numerous birds and animals. A walk by way of the reserve and you’ll also uncover 4 ponds or ‘scrapes’, three of them excavated since the reserve was established.


Nesting birds
consist of lapwing, redshank, and sedge...

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Fossil Cliffs Walton on the Naze

Over 50 million years ago Essex was beneath a warm sea. Rivers flowed into this sea bringing mud and silt which sooner or later became compacted and formed what we now know to be London Clay, which makes up the base in the Naze.The historic, and immediately recognisable, cliffs underneath the Naze have been the subject of public debate for decades.
Walto on the Naze SeaThey’re formed from London Clay at the base that is 54 million years old and overlaid having a sandy deposit known as Red Craig, that is about two million years old.


Stroll along the cliff top rated Walk along the cliff top
The cliff fac...

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The Naze Tower

The Naze, Old Hall Lane, Walton-on-the-Naze, Essex CO14 8LE

Phone:  01255 852519    01255 860151
Email: mail@nazetower.co.uk

Naze Tower Walton on the NazeThe Naze Tower is an historic 86ft landmark and unique visitor attraction. THE GALLERY The Naze Tower art gallery is on six floors and features three exhibitions each year. To find out what’s on go to Exhibitions.

Throughout our season The Naze Tower show and sell work by established and up coming artists from East Anglia working in a range of media including 2d, 3d and crafts...

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