Tymperleys Clock Museum

Tymperleys Clock Museum a 15th Century timber framed house which was home to 18th & 19th Century Colchester made clocks.

In October 2010, after a public outcry against planned council cuts, Tymperleys Clock Museum won a reprieve against closure. The house and its clock collection had been given to the people of Colchester by Mr Bernard Mason in the 1980’s and had since been a much loved part of Colchester’s museums.

However, the council did what it had intended to do all along and closed the museum, with a view to selling it off to the highest bidder as it had done and is doing with so many other of our heritage buildings – The Town Hall, Camulodunum, Museums Resource Centre, Social History Museum,  Layer Road football pitch, Greyfriars, etc. A deal was brokered with Wilkins Jam Co. of Tiptree, only to later find that they did not have a right of way to access the building. A true Fred Carno’s Circus!

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