Vulcan Bomber XH558 at Clacton Air Show 2012

Vulcan Bomber XH558 at Clacton Air Show 2012

Vulcan Bomber XH558, the highlight of the Clacton Air Show on Thursday 23rd August 2012. This is the final remaining AVRO V…

Clacton: Aerobatic team set for debut air show outing
A Popular aerobatic show team which thrills flight fans across Europe has been lined-up for Clacton Air Show for the very 1st time. Email Print. To send a hyperlink to this web page to a friend, you have to be logged in. The Trig Aerobatic Group will bring a …
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8 comments to Vulcan Bomber XH558 at Clacton Air Show 2012

  • billyling1995  says:

    I stood underneith one? the other day at royal airforce musuem bloody huge

  • mrwideboy  says:

    Thanks for the footage, it a shame xh558? might be. Grounded because if money and spares, personally it should be lottery funded,as this a engineering history

  • Chic McKnickNix  says:

    Thumbs Up!!?

  • sachielangel  says:

    I have a Panasonic sd900 as well..and when putting it on adobe premier or so far any other editing software the light is indeed a bit dark. Think it has something to do with the camera…yet i am not complaining about that. Its a nice camera to? use. 🙂

  • Bubbleicious5  says:

    Me and my? other half were there. She reduced us to tears. A simply stunning aircraft. May she continue to delight the crowds with her howl for years to come.

  • paulshillitomusic  says:

    Adobe Premier is the editing software, though I have realised its a bit dark probably because the camera is compensating for the extreme zoom, can’t change it without taking it down :-(.

    I did not think about putting it up on Youtube till afterwards or I would have? used a tripod

  • 33BeanMr  says:

    Great filming mate, and a great? display i filmed it too . What editing software do you use


  • johntheleveller  says:

    good video.thnx G-VLCN is based at? my local airport DSA.

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