Walton Coastguard Station and Maritime Museum

Walton Old Light Boat HouseEach the old lifeboat station and the new coastguard building give a fascinating insight into the maritime history of Walton-on-the-Naze.Walton-on-the-Naze is residence to a busy coastguard and lifeboat station and has been due to the fact the 1880s. The records of lives and ships saved are engraved on plates surrounding the Lifeboat Residence.
Inside the days of pirate radio in the 1960s, the Walton lifeboat was frequently known as out to pirate radio ships in distress. Two of your most effective recognized, Radio Caroline and Radio London, were each moored off the North Essex Coast.
The old lifeboat residence is now property to the Walton Maritime Museum housing a collection of Walton memorabilia. The museum is open every day from July to October from 1400 to 1600. Admission is £1. Exhibits consist of nearby archives, all-natural sciences, weapons and war, personalities, science and technologies, social history plus the maritime history of the town.

The new coastguard station  is lifeboat is moored
near the finish with the pier and would be the only lifeboat in Britain to have a permanent mooring in the open sea. When necessary, the lifeboat crew cycle the length in the pier after which use a tiny launch to access the lifeboat.

James Steven No14Life Boat

James Steven No14Life Boat

The Thames branch in the Maritime & Coastguard Agency are the new coastguard station based at Walton, monitoring ship distress calls and coordinating search and rescue operations for the whole of East Anglia, they are now housed inside the new coastguard developing next door towards the museum. •Continue to walk along the seafront adjacent to Cliff Parade. You will soon come to a junction with Green Lane where you will find the Walton Maritime Museum and Coastguard Station. •The museum is open everyday from July from 1400 to 1600, admission is £1. •When you’ve finished at the museum walk across the road and down the slope onto the beach.

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